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Watched Spider Man 3 on IMAX

Spider Man 3 was released 3rd of May 2007. I had a chance to watch it in Melbourne IMAX theater. This was my first IMAX experience. I feel great to watch Spider Man on its release day.
It was a great movie experience. The speciality in IMAX is it is having very large screen and also the sounds system is also complicated and powerful. The screen is made out of tiny holes so that sound can come through the screen. When you watch you will feel as if you are in the movie. I think the experience is worth the extra money spent. If you would like to know more about IMAX, pay a visit to their site
Adding and Auto Sizing the background image of a MDI Form in .NET

Some months back I faced a problem of resizing an image on one of my tablet PC device applications. The image was on a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) form. Recently only I remembered this and did some research on this, and thought that better to put an entry.
People who have tried should be knowing that we cannot simply add an image to a form and make it automatically re size when the form changes it's size.
In a normal form we can put a picture box and make it fill the entire screen and can set the image properties to always stretch the image. This will re size the background image when ever you re size the form.
But in MDI forms this is not possible. Whatever control you put on a MDI form will appear on top of all other controls, hiding even the child forms that are open. I have found two elegant methods which can be used.

Method 1 -
Insert the following code into the MDI form code. Here we are using Paint event of …
Silverlight is here

Microsoft has released a plug-in for delivering next generation media experiences and rich interactive applications for web. This is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in which facilities the WPFs' rich look and feel.
Silverlight was formerly known as WPF/E.
Besides me telling you about Silverlight go to Microsoft and see for your self, you also can find some nice samples done.
Debugging Stored Procedures

I know that all of you might have tried debugging Stored Procedures (SPs). But I know there are also people who are searching how to do this so I thought I needs to put an article on how to do this.

Please note that to dubug SPs you need to use an account which is a member of sysadmin role.

1.) SQL Server 2005
When you install SQL Server 2005 it will install SQL Server Business Intelliegnce Development Studio. You can use this or Visual Studio to debug SPs.

Start any prefered application from the above two and go to View menu and click on Server Explorer (or press Ctrl + Alt + S) to display the Server Explorer.

Now create a connection to the database where the SP you want to debug is located (Right click on Data Connections and click Add Connection...).

When the connection is added to the list expand the list and browse to the Stored Procedures and right click on the SP which you want to debug and select Step Into Stored Procedure. Now if the SP is requiring any p…