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If you need to update data of a table (DestinationTable) with data of another table (SourceTable) there are 3 ways you can get this done in SQL.Method 1This is the most common and simple way with using a sub query.


Method 2This users the most common FROM clause to join the two tables as shown below.


Method 3Last method mentioned below uses the join clause to join both the tables to make the update happen properly.


Hope these helps.

Naracoorte Caves – Naracoorte South Australia

If you are a cave lover, there are many places Australia has to offer. Out of them one of the best is Naracoorte caves in South Australia. Inside the caves you will be able to see lime stones which took about 200 million years to form. Stalactites – Are the ones hanging from above. Because they form from water dripping from above they tend to get points on them.Stalagmites – Are formed on floor and start growing up with time.Columns – Are formed by one stalactite and stalagmite connecting after so many years.It is good idea to plan and visit the caves bit early since you need time to have a look into the caves. They normally close at 5PM and the last tour starts around 4PM.There is a visitor information centre in the Wonambi Fossil Centre so you can find out the interesting places in Naracoorte Caves National Park. Wet cave is a free attraction. When you purchase a ticket for a tour to visit Alexandra cave you will get free admittance to the Fossil enter and the miniature man made zoo…

Deep Creek Conservation Park, South Australia

If you would love to enjoy scenery and wild life, a place you should definitely visit is Deep Creek conservation park in South Australia. It is located at the southern tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula. It is always better to have a 4WD or an AWD but with a 2WD also in good weather you will be able to do most of the tracks without any major problems. Deep Creek SA VIEW SLIDE SHOWDOWNLOAD ALL

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