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Windows Shortcut Keys

If you are using Windows, following are some handy shortcut keys with their actions to make your life bit easy.Key CombinationActionWindows Key + E Opens Windows Explorer Windows Key + L Locks WindowsWindows Key + FOpen SearchWindows Key + ROpen Run WindowWindows Key + DMinimise / Restore All ApplicationsWindows Key + SpacePeek to DesktopWindows Key + HomeMinimise all Applications except the current ApplicationShift + F10Right ClickWindows Key + Number Keys from 1 - 9Activate / Show Application on Taskbar.Windows Key + Right ArrowSwitch between different Application LayoutsWindows Key + Down ArrowMinimize an ApplicationWindows Key + Up ArrowMaximize ApplicationWindows Key + Shift + Up ArrowFit Application height to screen heightWindows Key + Shift + Right / Left ArrowMove Applications among the connected Displays when having multiple displays.In an Application Alt + F4Closes the ApplicationAt Desktop Alt + F4Brings Shutdown WindowI did find these in Windows 7, but have not yet tested …

Dolphin Cruises – Port Adelaide South Australia

Recently after a friend of mine told me about these cruses, we went for the cruise with few families we are friends with. In Port Adelaide 2 companies are offering Dolphin cruses. Namely they are Dolphin Explorer and Port Princess Dolphin Cruises. (For contact details please read on.)In our cruise Dolphin Explorer took 2 and half hours to take us along the Port river. The ride is comfortable since it is not going to rough sea. On the way you will see big ships which comes into port. Unfortunately on the day we went it started raining so it was bit cold. Since the big boats are having fully covered restaurants no need to worry about the weather.When talking about Dolphins it is bit frustrating since in our cruise we only saw few Dolphins at the start. But noting on our way, sometimes this might be because of the bad weather we had on the day. Since it costs $18 for an adult with meal I think it is value for money, so we thought to have another go later some day to check out more Dolphi…

Lock Windows

If you wanted to lock your Windows using a batch file it can be achieved using the following command.rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStationThis will be handy if you need to lock your computer after a certain scheduled action. Simply place this in a bat file, and schedule the bat file to be run to get the computer locked.I tried this on Windows 7.

Enabling Hibernate in Windows 8

If you have start using Microsoft’s latest Personal Computer (PC) Operating System (OS) Windows 8, by now you may have found it is different in some ways to it’s predecessors. One feature I am heavily using in Windows was again missing after installing this version of Windows, which is the hibernation feature.So if you like hibernation shown on your power menu try doing the following.1. Move your mouse cursor to the right side of your screen to activate the quick access menu and click on Settings and then on Control Panel.2. Then select “System and Security”.3. Now select Power Options.4. From the left hand navigation menu select “Choose what the power button does” or “Choose what closing the lid does”.5. Now on system settings screen you need to click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable” to modify the disabled options.6. Scroll down to Shutdown settings and check the box named Hibernate and click Save Changes button.Now if you look at the options available in your powe…

Aviation Museum – Port Adelaide South Australia

If you are an aviation fan you might enjoy a visit to South Australian Aviation Museum. They do have some aircrafts on display where you can get on board to have a look without a passport. This is a non profit organization managed by aviation enthusiasts. There is also a shop for you to buy related things such as model aircrafts and magazines.Entry tickets are priced at $9 per adult and free parking is available onsite.Address: 66 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide, SA 5015
Phone: 08 8240 1230
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Marble Hill Cherry Farm – Ashton South Australia

Like to pick your own Cherries, then good place to visit is the Marble Hill Cherry farm located in Ashton SA 5137. This family operated farm is usually a pick your own farm meaning most of their produce is picked and bought by people who visit the farm in Cherry season like us. Ashton is hill country so on your way to the farm you will encounter great scenery, also be careful and drive safe since some roads are windy and narrow.Cherry season is a short 2 month period normally from December to January and depending on the number of people visiting Cherries might finish even before the season end, so always call or check their web site before going. Cherry orchard has uneven ground (slope), so make sure to wear something you can easily walk in slopes and grass. Hats are also suggested. If you are travelling with young children and like to stay behind, you can stay in the scenic shed. It is having plenty of chairs. The management is also very kind, they provide free cool drinking water a…