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Changing the Shared Feature Directory in SQL Server Setup

Today when I tried to install SQL Server 2008 R2 I couldn’t change the shared feature installation directory in the setup. Both the textbox and browse button were disabled restricting me to select the desired path.After sometime I found the cause for this. It is because there were some SQL related programs already installed in my computer, because they are there the SQL setup uses the same directory to setup the rest of the programs.If you need to relocate the install directory then simply you need to uninstall all the SQL related programs using Programs and Features and re-run the SQL Server setup. Then the browse buttons will be active enabling you to select an alternate location.

How to Make a Bootable Flash Drive

Recently I installed Windows using a flash (Pen/Thumb) drive, since I couldn’t get hold of a blank DVD to burn the ISO into. It might be helpful to you as well. Because we don’t need to burn DVDs to install OSs that are coming as ISOs anymore.Follow the steps below.1. Find a good USB Flash drive with required space.Make sure you have backed up all the required data in the flash drive because the flash drive will be formatted.2. Get a command prompt by typing “cmd” in the run window.3. Type “diskpart” and press enter.This will open up a new window for DiskPart utility, you need to use the following commands within the diskpart utility to make the flash drive bootable.4. In the diskpart utility select the flash drive by typing “select disk 2”.Use extra caution when selecting the flash disk since if you select the wrong disk you will loose all data of that disk. You can use “list disk” command within the diskpart utility to list all the disks attached to your computer. Note the disk refe…

Connecting to MySQL in Visual Studio 2010

If you need to access MySQL databases using Visual Studio you have to install MySQL connector into your machine.Currently only mysql-connector-net-6.3.1 is supporting Visual Studio 2010 which is still an alpha product.To download it, use this link and switch to Development Releases tab.

Preserving State in ASP.Net

As you know a main challenge in web development is preserving the state of the application. We say web is stateless because web server treats each HTTP request for a page as an independent request. The server will not know any knowledge of variable values that were set/used during the previous requests. For example in Windows applications after we start the application if we set a variable to a certain value in a form it will be there until we close the form. But in web since the page is getting posted back the value will be normally lost.To overcome this limitation in web ASP.Net provides two main methods and they are having different options under them.Client Side State Management View State Cookies Query String Server Side State Management Session State Application State Profile Properties 1.1- View StateViewstate is a technique used in ASP.Net to preserve the state changes during the page postbacks. The viewstate data is always belong to the page, so this needs to be used when we want to …

"Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication."

If you are getting the above error while trying to connect to a database, the reason is you are using Windows Authentication to login to the SQL Server while being in another untrusted domain. For example if the SQL Server machine is a member of the CompanyDomain and if you are in MyDomain or if you are in a Workgroup the you will face the above issue while trying to connect to the SQL Server.The connection string used in the web.config while the above error is generated is as follows.

<connectionStrings>  <addname="cnnStr"connectionString="Data Source=BI-SVR;Initial Catalog=BBIDatabase;Integrated Security=True"/></connectionStrings>

There are three ways to fix this problem.1. Use the SQL Authentication to login to the SQL Server.You can get this done by changing the connection string to use SQL authentication while connecting. But you need to know the credentials of an account which is having permissions to your required database or the System Admi…