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Back Again in Australia

I came again to Australia last week. This time I came through Singapore. The airport and it's facilities are wonderful. For the first time in my life I flew in Cathay Pacific and Quantas. Mmm I think even though the Airlines are cutting facilities these days these two airlines are in the list with other airlines who are not going down in their service. But Cathay Pacific are having things which needs to be corrected fast.
Newest Member of Microsoft Office - Groove

Check out the newest member of Microsoft Office product line. Microsoft Office Groove 2007. Groove is a team collaboration tool which will facilitate information sharing. This is what Microsoft is saying about Groove.

Microsoft® Office Groove® 2007 is Internet software for making direct connections with the people who are important to you. With Office Groove 2007, you can bring together team members from both inside and outside your company, with no IT assistance required and no need to waste time thinking about firewalls, servers, security, or network access. Additionally, you can enjoy the efficiency of always knowing each other's virtual location, or online presence, thus allowing for organic and quick conversation and collaboration.

If you are interested in knowing more visit There you will be able to find an introduction animation from which you will be able to get an idea of…
Visual Studio 2005 not adding reference dlls to the deployment project

Recently I did face a problem when I created the setup for my Pocket PC application. My application had several projects and each project is supposed to add a dll to the setup. The problem was when I build the project it didn't add the reference dlls to the setup but only added the main application.

Later I found the solution for this which was to remove the main project output from the deployment project then go to debug mode and add the main project back again to the deployment project. The when the project is rebuilt all the dlls will be included properly.
Using Single Quotes in SQL Queries

Did you ever searched how to use a single quote inside SQL query? In this article I explain how to do.

( 1.) To display a quote in between of two field values.
SELECT FirstName + ''' ' + LastName From tblStudent

The above will put a single quote and a space in between FirstName and LastName fields.

( 2.) To insert a record with a quote to a table.
INSERT INTO [tbl] (ColumnName) VALUES ('I'+'''m ok.')

The above will insert a record into tbl and will put the string of {I'm ok.} to the column ColumnName.

( 3.) To update a record will be possible as follows.
UPDATE [tbl] SET ColumnName='I'+'''m ok.'

The above will update ColumnName values of all the records of tbl in to {I'm ok.}.