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Importing Data into SQL

If you need to import data from a file, this can be achieved by using SQL Bulk Insert command. Recently I did use this method to import some 500 000 data from few comma separated value (CSV) files and thought to share it with you. What you need to remember is, if you are importing data from more than one file the data should have the same format through out the files.This is a sample set of data I imported into my table from the file named File1.csv.Login,Name,Date,Result,PassU0001,Roman Silva,1/10/2010 17:23,100,TRUEU0002,Anthony Don,28/09/2010 10:01,70,TRUEU0003,Saman Perera,16/09/2010 11:31,90,TRUEU0004,Silvia Raz,26/09/2010 22:11,40,FALSEU0005,Rebecca Maine,18/09/2010 11:30,100,TRUEI used the following script to create a temporary table for my imported data.SETANSI_NULLSONGOSETQUOTED_IDENTIFIERONGOCREATETABLE [dbo].[TABLENAME_ImportedData](    [LoginId] [NVARCHAR](50)NOTNULL,    [Name] [NVARCHAR](200)NULL,    [Date] [DATETIME] NULL,    [Result] [INT] NULL,    [Pass] [NVARCHAR](8)N…

Changing SQL Server Default Language

If you needed to change the default language of a SQL Server login you can do so by using sp_defaultlanguage command.First determine the current default language by using the @@language variable as follows.SELECT@@language Then choose the language you want to change to from the available languages. You can find the available languages by the following command.EXECsys.sp_helplanguage After selecting the language wanted to change, run the following command to change the default language, I am changing it to British using the following command.DECLARE @Login NVARCHAR(30)SET @Login =SYSTEM_USEREXECsp_defaultlanguage@Login,'British' Run the @@language to see whether the default language is changed as you wanted. Do not forget to use a new query window to see the changes.

Change Quick Access Default Application Icons on Samsung Galaxy S2

If you ever wanted to change the quick access default application icons on Samsung Galaxy S2 you can do this by going to applications screen. For example as seen in the following image we have Phone, Contacts, Messaging and Applications as the default set of icons.To change this first go to the applications page by touching Applications.Then touch the menu button on the phone to activate the menu and select Edit. This will take you to edit screen view. Now it is simple as dragging the application icon you want on your quick access to the icon you need to be replaced. When you are satisfied, touch on the back button to save the changes. If you need to ignore the changes press the middle button.As seen in the following images I have replaced the Contacts with Play Movies. Also if you want you keep only 3 or less icons in quick access you can achieve this by deleting unwanted icons using the edit view.