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Finding Number of Records in SQL Tables

By using the following query you will be able to get all the tables with at least one record in the selected database. It will be handy when you needed to get an idea of the number of records in a database. This uses two SQL Server system views, namely SysObjects and SysIndexes.

SELECTsysobjects.nameAS[Table Name],MAX(sysindexes.rows)AS[Number of Records],sysobjects.crdateAS[Created Date],sysobjects.refdateAS[Referenced Date]'U'-- Filtering all the User Tables.ANDsysindexes.rows> 0 -- Getting all the tables having at least one,sysobjects.crdate,sysobjects.refdateORDERBY 2 DESC-- Ordering by the number of records in table.

Above query will bring the following results on the Northwind database.