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Executing .NET Applications Located on a Remote Location

Have you tried executing an application which is on a remote machine from yours. Think it like this, you have an application written in .NET (any version) and two users are there who are willing to use the application using there machines. (Please note that in this secnario all the machines are in the same network.)

The normal process is to setup your application on both machines and tell them to use. But the problem is that you are not yet finished development so constatly there will be updates to the application. So if you install in two machines, all the time you change the application you have to install the new version in both machines. (This is ok as you think because it is only two machines, but think is there are 50 users using in 50 machines.)

In this kind of a scenario, installing the application in one machine and sharing it and making the other user access the same installation can ease your life. Isn't it?

If you just try running the application from the remote location,…
Installing Office 2007 on Windows

Hi all,
This is my second post on installing Office 2007. The reasons behind this post are that I have seen that installing Office 2007 is a problem not only in Vista but also in all other operating systems and also to mention you a tried and tested way (by me :-)) to install Office 2007 in one shot.

As my hint above you can use this method to install Office 2007 in any operating system.
Before starting the setup I recommend you ti update windows by running Windows Update.

1. Run a Disk Cleanup on the partition that you are going to install Office by getting the drive properties by right clicking on the drive and clicking Properties.

2. Create a folder named 'Office' in one of the drives in your hard disk and copy the full contents of Office setup CD/DVD in to this folder.

3. Start the installation by double clicking on the Setup.exe.

4. Select the customized option of the setup and right click on the top node and select 'Install on first use'…
Breakpoints are Not Working in Visual Studio - .NET Compact Framework (.NET CF)

Recently I had the issue while debugging a smart device application. All my breakpoints stop functioning. But if I ran the application in the device emulator the breakpoints are working fine.
So it was occurring only when I debug in an actual device (In my case Pocket PC).

After some trying I found that the problem is in the .NET CF which was installed in the Pocket PC.
To fix the thing,
1. Stop all the applications running in the Pocket PC (Do a soft restart or use the Runnning Programs tab in the System -> Memory).
2. Un install the .NET CF from the Pocket PC and soft reset the Pocket PC again.
3. Install the .NET CF in to the Pocket PC. (Also note that you can make the Visual Studio install the .NET CF by starting an application from Visual Studio.)
4. Connect the Pocket PC to the computer using Active Sync and try debugging. In most cases now the breakpoints should work.

If this did not fix the issue you wil…
Airbus A300
Airbus has delivered its last A300 to FedEx on 12th July 2007. This marks the closure of Airbus’ first production line and brings to a close a very special chapter of the company’s history.

To read more details and watch the first A300 being made pay a visit to Airbus.
Accessing Windows XP Machines

Have you noted that when you try to access a Windows XP machine, in the Connect To window (Login screen) the User name field is disabled? Earlier versions of Windows did not had this disabled so we were able to logon as any valid user by typing the account name and the password. But in Wondows XP this was disabled by a security policy.
This policy will also restrict the machine's ability of sharing files, per user sharing will not be possible. Want to change it? Ok proceed by openning the Local Security Policy Settings window through Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy.
Now go to Network Access section and find out Net access : Sharing and security model for local accounts.
Then open the properties page of that by double clicking or right clicking and clicking on properties.

Did you note that the default is, Guest only - local users authenticate as Guestchange this to Classic - local users authenticate as themsel…
The Car of the Future - M 200G

Have you seen the car of the future? Even though people call this a car this is more towards a personal helicopter. The M 200G is manufactured by Moller International located in Davis, California, USA. This is capable of vertical take-off and landing.

Read more at BBC.

In the future there won't be necessary to us to wait in long traffic ques. But what will happen if all the people buys this car?

I think it will increase the Air Traffic :-).
Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Microsoft is going to release Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows Vista. It will have the updates that Microsoft had released up to now and also some reliability and performance improvements addressing the issues they have found.

The beta version is planned to be available in few weeks time from today (2007-September-09).