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HTTP Error 404.13 – Not Found – The request filtering module is configured to deny a request that exceeds the request content length.

I recently got this error in one of my applications. When troubleshooting, I found my application is configured to have the default value of 30000000 Bytes for the content length, which was not sufficient for me in some of the file uploading functionalities.Simply adding / increasing the number in the configuration file corrected this error.Request Content Length in Bytes.Default Value – 30000000 Bytes (~28MB)Maximum Value – 4284229877 Bytes (3.99GB)

<system.webServer><security>  <requestFiltering>    <requestLimitsmaxAllowedContentLength="100000000"></requestLimits>  </requestFiltering></security>   ...</system.webServer>

To obtain more information read this article.