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Friday, February 09, 2007

Newest Member of Microsoft Office - Groove

Check out the newest member of Microsoft Office product line. Microsoft Office Groove 2007. Groove is a team collaboration tool which will facilitate information sharing. This is what Microsoft is saying about Groove.

Microsoft® Office Groove® 2007 is Internet software for making direct connections with the people who are important to you. With Office Groove 2007, you can bring together team members from both inside and outside your company, with no IT assistance required and no need to waste time thinking about firewalls, servers, security, or network access. Additionally, you can enjoy the efficiency of always knowing each other's virtual location, or online presence, thus allowing for organic and quick conversation and collaboration.

If you are interested in knowing more visit There you will be able to find an introduction animation from which you will be able to get an idea of Groove.
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