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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Using Single Quotes in SQL Queries

Did you ever searched how to use a single quote inside SQL query? In this article I explain how to do.

( 1.) To display a quote in between of two field values.
SELECT FirstName + ''' ' + LastName From tblStudent

The above will put a single quote and a space in between FirstName and LastName fields.

( 2.) To insert a record with a quote to a table.
INSERT INTO [tbl] (ColumnName) VALUES ('I'+'''m ok.')

The above will insert a record into tbl and will put the string of {I'm ok.} to the column ColumnName.

( 3.) To update a record will be possible as follows.
UPDATE [tbl] SET ColumnName='I'+'''m ok.'

The above will update ColumnName values of all the records of tbl in to {I'm ok.}.

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