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Friday, November 24, 2006

Results not sorted Correctly when System.Data.DataTable.Select(Filter, Sort) is used

If you are using Windows 2003 SP1 there is an issue in System.Data.dll in .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 which will cause the resulted data to be incorrectly sorted. This is a bug of .Net Framework 1.1.

DataSet1.Table1.Select("Filter1=1 AND Filter2=2 AND Filter3=3", "SortColumn1")

The result of the above statement wont be sorted according to the SortColumn1. But it will be sorted using the Column 1 of the dataset. But if you remove the AND operators used then the result will start to sorting again.
If you really want to sort the things while using AND operators, try making the required sorting column (SortColumn1) the first column in the datatable.

At the moment there is no download and install solution from Microsoft but they said to contact them to find out a solution.

If you like to know more on this you can visit the related Microsoft support center from the following link.

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