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Friday, March 02, 2007

Unexpected Behaviour in UltraFlowLayoutManager

Recently I faced a problem in one of my Tablet PC projects because of an unexpected behaviour of Infragistics UltraFlowLayoutManager.

My scenario is as follows, I am adding dynamically (run time) some UltraExpandableGroupBox controls to a panel which is managed by a UltraFlowLayoutManager. The problem was after the initial display the last group box added to the panel is going missing or appearing in some other location instead of the required location. You can notice this even if the Panel changes its size, normally the layout manger should automatically arrange the controls but here it will not do on the last control added.The actual problem was that the coordinates for the last control was not appropriately set and also the Z order of the control is reduced making it go behind the other controls.
I tried to set the coordinates myself but always the layout manager will override them.
I also tried changing Z order by calling each controls’ BringToFront method. But then all controls will start wondering around.

So as the solution I had to add a dummy Panel control as the last control and I made it to appear as a line to stop confusing users.
Now my application will display a line a the end at times and at times it will not. Kind of AI behavior huh :-).

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