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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Changing Manufacturer Icon in System Properties

Changing Manufacturer Icon in System Properties
Recently a friend of mine did ask me how to change the manufacturer icon and supported by text in System Properties. Even though, I have changed the Boot Screens and Welcome screen languages when I was at my earlier employer I forgot how to achieve this. :-)

Then after some trying I found the way and thought it is better to blog it.

1. You have to create an icon to be shown as the manufacturer logo. Also remember that even though how large your image, System Properties will only show 180x114 pixels.
  • The point is that the image you create should be 180x114 pixels to be shown as a whole.
  • The image name should be OEMLogo.bmp.
2. Create an ini file to hold the Manufacturer, Model and Support Information.
Open notepad and create a file in the following structure.

Manufacturer= Arjuna
Model= My Model

[Support Information]
line1= Tele xxx - xxxxxx
line2= Fax ### - ######
line3= EMail ME@MyCompany.Com
line4= What ever you want

When saving you have to save this file as OEMInfo.ini.

3. Ok, since now files are ready, you have to copy them to system32 folder inside windows installation folder. The default location would be C:\WINDOWS\system32.

Job well done !, now if you go on to System Properties you will see the image that you have just created with the information that you have just saved in the notepad.


Vankayala said...

The logo name to be "OEMlogo.bmp" ... It is not mentioned in the post ...


Arjuna Chiththananda said...

Thanks for pointing it out Vankayala. I will update the post.