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Monday, October 08, 2007

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

I got Flight Simulator X (FSX), which is the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator line of products. It seems to be really high in detail, also they have improved the liveliness of the artificial world. This version has moving traffic on roads, moving ships in the sea, people are there, birds are flying, push back vehicles are there. Also they have improved the virtual cockpit a lot. Only problem is, to support all these you need a good machine with high powered processor and a good graphics card.

My earlier graphics card doesn't seems to be much comfortable with FSX, so had to buy a new graphics card as well.

But it seems to me FSX is a really good game to go for if you are a flight enthusiastic like me.
Also I am planning to start again creating some fun stuff for FSX as I did some years back for FS2004.
Visit the official web site and find out more.
There is also a trial version available from Microsoft at the following location.

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