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Monday, December 17, 2007

Adding an existing Dataset to a project - VS.NET 2003

Did you try adding an existing typed dataset to a project in Visual Studio 2003?

If you did then you may have noted that it will only add the files having the extensions .xsd (designer file) and .xsx (resource file) to the project, it will not add the .vb (class file). As a result you will not be able to use the added dataset. Also if anyone tries to add the class file again manually then it will be there as a separate class. Even though this works fine it will be misleading at a latter stage of the projects life. (In the following image you can see the 'dsDataset1.vb' file separately.)
Normally this 'dsDataset1.vb' file should come under 'dsDataset1.xsd'.

To get the dataset class file recreated in the correct location,
  • First open the dataset designer using Visual Studio (double click on the dataset).
  • Then right click on the dataset designer and select the 'Generate Dataset' menu option.
Now you will see the class ('dsDataset1.vb') file nicely located under 'dsDataset1.xsd'.
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