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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Configuring Usage Reporting in SharePoint

SharePoint has a nice feature to trace the activity happening around the site. This is called Usage Reporting. Initially this is been disabled in SharePoint. To use it first you needs to enable this from several levels as follows.
1. Enable Usage Reporting from Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) level.
2. Enable Usage Reporting from Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS) level.
3. Activate Usage Reporting.
4. View Usage Reports.

1. Enable Usage Reporting from Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) level.
1)On the Central Administration home page, click Operations.
2)On the Operations page, in the Logging and Reporting section, click Usage analysis processing.
3)On the Usage Analysis Processing page, in the Logging Settings section, select Enable logging.
4)Keep the default or type a log file location and number of log files to create.
5)In the Processing Settings section, select Enable usage analysis processing, and then select a time to run usage processing.
6)Click OK.

Now we have to enable in MOSS.
2. Enable Usage Reporting from Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS) level.
1)On the Shared Services Provider (SSP) home page, in the Office SharePoint Usage Reporting section, click Usage reporting.
2)On the Configure Advanced Usage Analysis Processing page, in the Processing Settings section, click Enable advanced usage analysis processing.
3)In the Search Query Logging section, select Enable search query logging.
4)Click OK.

3. Now Activate Usage Reporting.
1)On the Site Actions menu, click Site Settings.
2)On the Site Settings page, in the Site Collection Administration section, click Site collection features.
3)On the Site Collection Features page, click the Activate button for the Reporting feature.

Now everything done. You just have to wait and see the reports when they are available.
Reports can be viewed in several places,
1)Site administrators, including administrators of the SSP administration site, can view usage reporting for their site by clicking Site usage reports in the Site Administration section of the Site Settings page.
2)Site collection administrators can view usage reporting by clicking Site collection usage reports in the Site Collection Administration section of the Site Settings page.
3)Site collection administrators for the SSP administration site can view a usage summary by clicking Usage summary in the Site Collection Administration section of the Site Settings page.
4)SSP administrators for search can view search usage reports by clicking Search usage reports in the Search section of the SSP home page.

If you would like you can go through the Microsoft TechNet site which I too referred by visiting the following link.


SharePoint Usage said...

Or... you can use CardioLog as a solution for SharePoint usage reports.

Arjuna Chiththananda said...

Mmm, thanks for the info, I just had a quick look in to CardioLog it seems good.

Nick Kharchenko said...

I can recommend you another reporting solution: MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint. This product offers a number of customizable interactive reports, both for evaluating the common site visiting traffic and for reviewing the smallest details, such as user sessions and hits. Here, please learn some more details and online demo:

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