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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Setting APN Automatically

If you tried to create a BlackBerry application which uses internet through Direct TCP transport and needed to release it to a set of users who are using different mobile networks you may have had the problem of how you can release the application in a way that users don't have to make any setting changes to make your application get connected. The complexity here happens because different service providers (mobile networks) are using different settings (for example APN).
After some searching on the net I found one way to achieve this is by identifying the mobile network and then setting the connection properties appropriately.
The steps involved is as follows.

Step 1
Identify the network the phone is currently in.
If you need help on this go to this URL.

Step 2
Get the APN settings for your network.
The way here is to have a file with all the settings of different wireless service providers you intend to run your application on, and then compare the value returned from Step 1 and get to the particular APN.
I suggest you to keep a XML or text file with the following details of the service provider,
  • Country Name
  • MCC
  • Carrier Name
  • MNC
  • TCPAPNUserName
  • TCPAPNPassword
  • WAPPort
  • WAPUserName
  • WAPPassword
  • WAPSourceIP
  • WAPSourcePort
  • IsEnableWTLS
Step 3
Add the APN to the connection.
If you need help on this go to this URL.

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