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Friday, April 09, 2010

Features of Search Engines

How many of you know that common and popular search engines like Google and Bing are providing many other functionalities than searching?

Yes it is true there are many functionalities within them that most of us don’t know.

Following are some features, you can try these out by typing the italic text in your favorite search engine.

  1. Finding the date and the time of a place. – “Time Sri Lanka”, “time Melbourne
  2. Checking spelling of words. – “Cheking”, ”mathmatics”
  3. Finding results of arithmetic. – “(25*34)+78”, “2**5”
  4. Finding the weather if a place. – “Weather Colombo”, “weather Changi”
  5. Finding the populations of countries or popular cities. – “Population UK”, “population Sri Lanka”
  6. Converting units. – “12.5km in Meters”, “3km in inches”
  7. Stock details. – “MSFT”, “AAPL”
  8. Find similar word (Synonyms). – “~Cooking”, “~hot drinks”
  9. Finding currency values. – “1 GBP in AUD”, “89.34 AUD in USD”
  10. Finding maps. – “New York Map”, “Sydney map”
  11. Finding definitions of words. – “Define Computer”, “define language”
  12. Other than above you can find about Books, Movies, Air Line Schedules etc. But they are widely for other countries like UK, US.

While searching you can use special characters like wild cards, concatenate, subtract to help while searching. Try them out to find the results by your own.

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