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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sending the Same Letter to Different People with their Details

Today a friend of mine needed some help from me on sending the same letter to different people while addressing the letters differently. This can be easily achieved by using Word Mail Merge feature.

Since I am having Word 2010 installed in my machine this post will list the steps required in Word 2010.

1. To start the process type in your letter and click on Mailings on the Word 2010 ribbon.

2. Click on Start Mail Merge and select Letters.

3. Then you need to select the people you need to send the letter to. To do that you have three options Type List, Use Existing List or Select from Outlook contacts. In this post I will use the first option.

4. When you click Type new List… you will get a window in which you can create a list of users with their details as shown in the following screenshot. For simplicity I will only create 2 users.

When you are done creating the list of users click ok so you will be prompted with a save window. Save it for later use since you may need the list for future use.

5. Then in your letter go to the appropriate places you need to place the differencing information, for example I need to put the address of the receiver after the text The Manager. To do so place the cursor on the required location and press on Address Block icon on the ribbon.

From the Insert Address Block window you can customize the way the address is printed on the letter. For example if you do not want to print the company name of the recipient then you can remove the checkmark on the Insert company name field. Preview pane will show you a preview of the actual data you have in your contact list. For the simplicity I will use the default options.

When you press ok you will see something similar to the following appearing in your letter, which will be the placeholder for the address block.

Following similar method but using the Insert Merge Field icon I did add the title and the last name of the recipient into the body section of the letter as you see below.

6. Preview your work by clicking Preview Results icon, by clicking the navigation buttons on the preview results pane you can navigate through your contacts to see the actual letters that will be created. For example below screenshot shows the letter for Mr. Withana with the changes for him.

7. When you are satisfied you can finish the merge with three options, in my case I will use the first option again.

As the final output of the merge I got one new document with the 2 letters addressed to the recipients i had in my contact list as shown in the following screenshot.


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