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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whispering Wall – Williamstown South Australia

Barossa Dam or whispering wall in Williamstown is not a place you should miss in your visit to South Australia. From the outer look it is just a dam created in Barossa Reservoir. But the magic starts after you send a friend to the other side of the dam and speak.

You and your friend will be able to talk as you two are near each other. The sound is very clear hence the name you can whisper and that will be heard by a person who is in the other side of the dam.

I was said that when the dam was built the lead engineer used to listen to the workers using this amazing facility to get to know what they are talking about him. Also it seems a later attempt to build a similar dam following the same design and material failed to demonstrate the whisper ability. So this is a unique dam you will not find elsewhere.


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